website for a monthly price – standard features

Standard Features for the website for a monthly price plan

  • Simple and usable navigation
    • Visitors to your website will follow a clear path through the site.
    • No getting lost.
    • Easy to find any information.
  • Individual and branded design
    • Your website will stand out from the crowd and be noticed.
    • It will look great on all mobile devices (iPhones, tablets and so on).
    • You won’t be constrained by the templates that are used on drag and drop design systems.
  • Testimonials
    • Your customers will be advocating for your business.
    • Prospective customers need to know what other people think of you.
  • Social Media links
  • Fast UK based hosting
    • The speed of your website is one of the crucial factors in a good ranking on search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Your website needs to be found when people are searching for a business.
    • An SEO checker is included in all websites that we create for you.
    • This means you can check and refine your updates and posts before releasing them to the internet.
    • All websites have a site map as standard. This is incredibly useful as it allows search engines such as Google or Bing to look through your website and list your pages correctly.
  • Advice via email, Monday to Friday, 9-5.
  • Ongoing, proactive advice on possible improvements and innovations.
  • A quarterly review of your site.

To learn more, click here for more information on getting a website for a monthly price

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