New Offer for a new year

A new offer for a new year.

Life is difficult at times for small businesses. They know what they need but laying out an initial cost is hard to swallow in these austere times. We recognise that so we’ve come up with a new offer.

A monthly deal for a website for small and medium businesses. It’ll include a domain name, the website itself and monthly support to help you manage it.

No tie ins, leave when you want to, and it includes monthly maintenance and advice. Prices will vary depending on the purpose of your site but we promise one thing.

It’ll be a very attractive price.

Here at Hub Towers, we’re all about helping our fellow businesses out where we can. We’ve had help in the past so it’s only fair we offer the same in return.

Part of our ethos here is that we want to do some good, help some folk and encourage the entrepreneur spirit where we can.

Details will follow as soon as we’ve ironed them out. In the meantime, we’ve already had some great feedback on our Facebook page here.

Why not add your voice and let us know what you think? You can either comment here, bob on over to Facebook to let us know or drop us a line via the contact form here.

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