Joining up the dots – making business easier

Let’s join up the dots. 
Here at Hub Projects, we’re all about ideas. Things that make your life easier as a business person.
For example, one of the things we’ve got in mind is this. Imagine you’re a business that leases vehicles. Or maybe you do something like run a venue and want to take bookings for it; sports training for example…..
It might be that you have a website advertising it and then taking bookings and payments manually. You add them to a spreadsheet and make a note in a diary. You then record the payment in yet another spreadsheet…. You’ve duplicated your data over and over, each time allowing the margin for error to creep up!
Wouldn’t it be easier if people could just book online? If all the information (the payment, the booking, the diary etc.) could all be done in one place.
That would save time and headaches right? You’d be happy, your customers would be happy (click, pay, turn up!)
Just one of the #hubideas from this week. It’s something we could get rolling for you within a short time frame as well. 
It’s all about making business easier.
What do you think? If it’s something that piques your interest, just get in touch via the form here.
Thanks all!
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