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Customer focus at Hub Projects - HubProjects

Customer focus at Hub Projects

For me and what I do, it’s all about the customer. There is very little that I don’t know when it comes to ICT and its implementation. The technology is, however, incidental.

All too often IT geeks (I’m very proud of that label) get terribly excited about the tech. Me? Tech-smech…

All that matters is what it can do for the customer. It’s a service after all. It has one job and one job only; to make life easier. If it doesn’t then (this is important) it is NOT THE RIGHT SOLUTION.

What I offer is simple really. I listen. I work out what you do and where IT can help. I then let you know what solution suits you best and help implement it. Most importantly I educate and empower you the customer. You don’t want or need an IT guy who keeps a knowledge silo like that kid in Geography who kept his arm round his work to stop you from copying. You need someone you can trust who finds the right solution and then shows you how to use it.

A case in point then…. One of my customers (who is now a friend because that’s how I like it) is Karen from Garcia and Sykes. We met this morning for a coffee and a chat. I took over their website over a year ago and we are in the middle of modernising it and updating it to show the expanding range of services they offer.

We sat and talked. We both listened. We came away knowing exactly what the website needs to offer and how to achieve it.

It’s that simple. It’s irrelevant what platform the site is on or how cleverly it’s coded. All that matters is that it needs to do X, Y and Z. The whole point about catching up (apart from the fact that it’s just nice to) was to listen, poke, prod and challenge each other.

Having discovered the X Y and Z of it, it’s over to me now to do the A B and C of it (more accurately the P H and P of it *geek joke*)

It’s just that simple.



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