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Black Friday - and why we don't take part - HubProjects

Black Friday – and why we don’t take part

Here at Hub Projects, we don’t take part in Black Friday offers.black friday - read all about it

No Black Friday and here is why…

  • We firmly believe in offering supremely good value all year round
  • We don’t want to be a part of anything that tempts people to buy things they don’t need
  • We only offer services and products that our customers genuinely need

One of our best customers – Lee Iggulden at Welshot Imaging Photography Academy put a post on Facebook today which 100% reflects what we adhere to. Another business who we know did the same – Whittaker Design.

In these austere times, where businesses are hit as hard as people, we don’t want to be a part of anything that makes people lose their heads, go and buy things they don’t actually need or that invites businesses to make offers that they can ill afford.

The thing is this… we’re good at what we do (have a look at our testimonials). We know we offer great value, coupled with a friendly, non-techy and approachable manner. We understand your business and what it needs. We want to offer that all year round and be able to sustain the levels of excellence we provide. Whilst the day helps a lot of the bigger businesses out there, it doesn’t do much for the smaller, more personal businesses like ours. In the long term, it doesn’t help the consumer either.

Whilst we offer services like

  • Email solutions
  • Web site design and hosting
  • Cloud based backups and storage solutions
  • Audits of IT processes
  • Support and advice

It is still a massive result for us if we come to you, audit what you have and report back that your systems are 100% supportive of your business processes as they stand. We LOVE that!

Don’t be tempted to buy a tonne of stuff that you don’t actually need. Just invite us in (i.e. someone who knows what they’re talking about and has no other motives) to see what you need. If you need nothing then that is brilliant. All it’ll have cost is the time to audit and you’ll walk away knowing that an expert in the field has told you so. Peace of mind.

If you want to know more about what we do, just drop us a line via this link.

Have a great day (and don’t spend too much!)

Chris @ Hub Projects.chris from the hub


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