Keep your data safe secure available

Making sure your data is safe, secure and available

Is your data safe, secure, available? This week I’ve been out to a local business who asked me to come in and have a look at their data storage set up. Already, I can tell that you watch to turn over and watch something else but bear with me a moment. As a business you need to Read more about Making sure your data is safe, secure and available[…]

website for a monthly price – standard features

Standard Features for the website for a monthly price plan Simple and usable navigation Visitors to your website will follow a clear path through the site. No getting lost. Easy to find any information. Individual and branded design Your website will stand out from the crowd and be noticed. It will look great on all Read more about website for a monthly price – standard features[…]

A website for a monthly price

Website for a monthly price

New Offer: A website for a monthly price Why do you need a website? Put simply, a web site is the most efficient way of extending the reach of your business. You’re good at what you do – it’s time to let everyone know. The benefits of a professionally designed and hosted website include An Read more about Website for a monthly price[…]


Joining up the dots – making business easier

Let’s join up the dots.    Here at Hub Projects, we’re all about ideas. Things that make your life easier as a business person.   For example, one of the things we’ve got in mind is this. Imagine you’re a business that leases vehicles. Or maybe you do something like run a venue and want to Read more about Joining up the dots – making business easier[…]


Being in business helping others

All that it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing ….. Or something like that. For those who don’t know, prior to working for myself I spent my entire working life in the NHS. I worked in Elderly care, then Elderly Mental Health then moved over into IT. Working in the Read more about Being in business helping others[…]

Customer focus at Hub Projects

For me and what I do, it’s all about the customer. There is very little that I don’t know when it comes to ICT and its implementation. The technology is, however, incidental. All too often IT geeks (I’m very proud of that label) get terribly excited about the tech. Me? Tech-smech… All that matters is Read more about Customer focus at Hub Projects[…]